Individuelle Finanzberatung
Individuelle Finanzberatung

Our Financial Services for SAP Staff

We have been offering SAP staff members our independent financial services for more than 20 years. We guarantee a consulting service that is not linked to any banks or insurance companies, and we will support you in all your financial matters.

When providing our service, we take account of any existing SAP employer contributions such as SAP company-funded pension plans, employee-funded pension plans, contributions to capital formation (VWL), housing loans, etc... and of any existing contracts.


Our special SAP conditions at a glance

  • Lower contributions thanks to SAP group tariffs with private health insurance companies
  • Reduced contributions through switching to more favourable tariffs
  • Independent market offer

  • Generally 50-100% reduction for all the fund savings contracts in employee savings schemes
  • Consulting services independently of banks
  • A choice of various tangible assets


  • Nationwide tenders for best interest rates.
  • Annuity financing - building loan contracts - home pensions (Wohnriester) -
    fixed loans - forward loans - inclusion of German Reconstruction Loan Corporation (KfW) funds - SAP loans

  • Reduced acquisition fees for Riester retirement plan, basic pension and fund policy contracts.
  • Free analysis, including transparent documentation and market comparison



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